With Shield 8 cm                                –                            With Shield 15 cm

  • Mitigates the spread of bacteria, aerosols and saliva.
  • Equipped with an innovative anti-fog coating and anti-bacterial surface.
  • No heat build-up, unhindered breathing. Also optimal for spectacle wearers.
  • Allergen-free sponge on chin support.
  • Innovative design accompanied with maximum comfort at minimum weight (10 g).
  • The optical Polycarbonate Shield guarantees the transparency required for daily interaction.
  • No irritating light reflection.
  • Effortlessly cleaned through simple rinse with running water.
  • The package includes spare shield, neck band and cleaning cloth.

Product information

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Instructions for shield swap
Due to a simple locking mechanism, two differnt shield heights can be selected. Thus, the height of the shield can be defined by the user. This reveals itself as an optimal sollution, especially for individuals who wear glasses.



Modular Shield System in 8 cm or 15 cm
Equipped with an anti-fog coating
Allergen free sponge on chin support



In accordance with the federal law during the Corona COVID-19-Pandemic, BGBI. I Nr.23/2020, § 2, we are obliged to provide the following information: the above listed mouth and nose shields are not nationally certified or medically or otherwise tested. They are not medical products